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Episode 44 - E3 2016: Day Zero - EA Press Conference

June 12, 2016

It's here!  The E3 hype is over and the shows are actually beginning!  Nintendo Lovefest will be providing coverage all week and first up we have EA's moment in the spotlight.

Join Antony and returning guest co-host Alexi as they run through their thoughts of the big announcements of EA's presser, including:

Titanfall 2 - and how every game now has to have grappling hooks;
Madden 17 and EA's new eSports initiative;
Mass Effect: Andromeda - still looking a bit of a way off but positive female led advertising;
Fifa 17's story mode;
EA's new indie initiative EA Originals
Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars and;
Battlefield 1 and Jamie Foxx / Zak Efron looking totes not into it.

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