An LGBT podcast about gaming in general but Nintendo specifically but with a critical eye and voice.

Episode 41 (March 2016) - Guest starring Alexi for Pokémon Fight Club, The Division and Miitomo talk!

March 22, 2016

We're here for another episode of gayming chit-chat, this time with guest co-host Alexi McCreedy.

Antony and Alexi discuss what they've been playing this month, including:
  • Hitman for PS4;
  • Tom Clancy's The Division;
  • and Pokkén Tournament aka Pokémon Fight Club!
On mobile, Antony shares his thoughts on Nintendo's first smartphone title, Miitomo, as well as the not as impressive, Disney and Gameloft's Magic Kingdoms.

Alexi also shares his love for Resident Evil on it's 20th birthday, too!

In Non-Denominational Lovefest, Alexi and Antony discuss Daredevil Season Two (spoiler free discussion) and Zootopia / Zootropolis.

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